Tom Silkman

„High On Sci-Fi“ Album Cover, Photography by Raffaella Bachmann (

Since 2020 Tom Silkman (Thomas Seidmann, lead singer and guitarist of psychedelic rock band Yet No Yokai) has been working on songs with his acoustic guitar at home whilst also relearning the instrument in its basic form and getting more comfortable with recording and performing. The driving ideas for the project were minimalism, a sonic leaning towards psychedelic music, repetitive guitar strumming patterns, a warm analog feel of 70s singer-songwriter tape recordings and to draw contrary pictures and stories about being human in a sci-fi world. Inspiration from Nick Drake, José González, Kevin Morby and Ty Segall was clearly being drawn.
The process led to his self produced solo album «High On Sci-Fi» (releases Jan 6, 2023 via Fuzztronaut Records) with ten songs and a wonky lo-fi signature.


(open for booking requests:


09.09.2022 | Treibhaus Luzern (Solo) | Opening act for Dino Brandaõ

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